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  • Paul Ingram

Suspended Capacity Market Auction Soon to be Approved to Run?

The T-1 Capacity Market auction, which was originally meant to take place in January this year, will go ahead “as soon as reasonably practicable”, says Greg Clark, Energy secretary, in a letter to the National Grid.

The suspension came after the General Court of the Court of Justice of the European Union found in favour of Tempus Energy, against the European Commission, annulling the Commission’s State aid approval for the UK Capacity Market.

The T-1 auction is created to help top-up energy capacity for 2019/2020 winter period. Which is a vital element of securing our national power supply during this period, with increased heating and energy use, as well as lower output from clean renewables.

Though the Capacity Market service was halted and investigated, the UK government is keen to keep it going and moving forward. However, until the investigation returns a verdict, all the payments under this new arranged action will be pending approval. Though the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), who confirmed that they too want the action to go ahead, explained that both Houses of Parliament will need to agree before it officially goes ahead.

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