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Our Story

iPower Generation was formed and operates with a mindset, a dedication and commitment to providing intelligent, low carbon, clean power generation.

Kingsley Ingram started iPower in 2015, so we're a relatively new company, however if you read the profiles of our company members, you'll see that we are far from new to this industry.


We have taken a fresh approach to the power industry. Not only do we supply and install full turnkey energy solutions but we also continually look for new areas of development and currently lead the way in new and innovative power technology, in collaboration with our global partners.


Not to neglect older generator technology, we also research ways to make them more efficient, helping to reduce their harmful emissions, fuel consumption and overall impact on the planet. Such as SCR

iPG Install
UK Power

It's clear where the energy requirements of the UK and the world is heading. Demand is on the rise with seemingly every aspect of our lives and business now involving or even dependant on electrical technology. From more powerful computers, bigger TV’s and an ever increasing reliance on mobile phones that always seem to need charging. To the increased use of air conditioning and the massive surge in electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the road. Factor in too, the planned closures of many coal power stations nationwide. The UK and the world are heading towards a huge power shortage.


While at the same time, there is a tremendous need and desire for an environmentally friendly and responsible means of power generation to help solve this shortage. However, common renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, while clearly being fantastic for the environment,  cannot be relied upon, due to their inherently unpredictable nature.

This is where iPower comes in. With our various power units, we have the technology to help with this looming issue.


Our generator units are flexiable, reliable and carbon efficient - just what is needed.

We can supply you with products which you can use to supply power to the grid, to help balance it and fill any shortage gaps. With our battery technology, we can help make your unpredictable renewable technology an reliable source of power. Further still, our power units can become your own personal source of power, meaning your company can go off-grid during hours of national high energy use, which helps the grid, and your wallet.


Please browse our website to read more on the products we supply or get in contact with us to discuss what your power needs are.

Tel: 07827 932 207


Kingsley Ingram
Managing Director
Kingsley Ingram - ipower generation

Kingsley is the creator of iPower Generation, and continues to be the main driving force.


His experience in engineering and the energy sector is huge. He started off as an engineering apprentice at the engine builder Mirrlees Blackstone. Eventually moving up to the position of Engineering Standards Officer.


In 1978 he moved over to the family company, Ingram Installations, carrying out the quotation, installation and commissioning of Generators. With this experience, Kingsley has managed the installation of an incredibly wide range of Generating set equipment.


The next challenge for Kingsley was the creation of a race and rally car building company which he ran for many successful years. He did eventually sell this company and move back to the family business, but this time it was with the intension to take over leadership from his father. Who eventually entered retirement at the impressive age of 79!


With Kingsley at the helm, the business has grown from strength to strength and is one of the longest established independent retailers of generators in the UK.


Ingram's supply and install essential stand-by power, for a wide range of customers, such as the health service, data centres, Premier league football clubs and many more. They work closely with many North West England hospitals, as well as many other hospital nationwide, providing them with critical power protection.


iPower Generation was formed by Kingsley after looking at new possible technology in the generator sector, that also addressed the ever increasing demand for more environmentally friendly power.


Today, both companies share their expertise and knowledge, forming The Ingram Power Group.

Kingsley Ingram
Lawrence Ross
Head of Projects

Lawrence has a wealth of experience across many areas of business, with a background in accountancy he has diversified into a vast wealth of varied and very interesting industries.


His finance work led him into the Entertainment industry, where he was later head hunted into advertising and was instrumental in the growth of a fledgling company into the third largest in the UK.


Following this success, he then moved on and spent the next 5 years working on projects around the world including gold and diamond mining, setting up an airline, shrimp fishing and purchasing aircraft - the favourite being the purchase of a presidential jet.


His next challenge was becoming a Director of Budget Rent A Car Knightsbridge and was involved in everything from obtaining the franchise to setting up the office, training the staff, marketing the company and ordering the fleet. Of course being Knightsbridge, a Ferrari and Porsche had to be added to the fleet. Trans America Corporation saw how successful this branch had been, resulting in them buying the Franchise back.


Up next for Lawrence was yet another new opportunity, with a retail chain in London which he embraced and continued in both retail and trade during the company’s expansion and started a new side of the business which was designing and manufacturing products.


After moving from London to Cheshire to be around his family, Lawrence began working in the manufacturing and construction industry with most of the time working within the power generation industry.


Working in the generation business put him in contact with Kingsley Ingram and their love of cars started a friendship and working relationship which in 2015 saw the formation of iPower Generation.

Lawrence Ross
Paul Ingram
Head of Operations
Paul Ingram

Paul earned his Degree in Business Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University – Ranked in the top 5% of business schools in the world - 2014.


He has been brought up, in and around the world of engines and generators. Having worked and helped out where he could in all areas at Ingram Installations, our partner company, learning the trade since he was able to.


The environment is a main concern and interest for Paul. Since leaving university he has been looking at directions where he could help in reducing the emission impact on the planet. He was already a part owner of an environmentally friendly energy company, specialising in wind power. However, he moved over to iPower after understanding the huge benefits offered by their power generation technology.


Paul spent much of 2015 travelling around Africa and Asia, even living with and helping to teach local Maasai tribes in Kenya. While spending time in less developed regions, he clearly saw the large damaging effect that can happen to an area, when there is less management and understanding of reducing harmful pollution.


Paul has been involved in iPower since the start, with some initial marketing for iPower, including the logo design. In 2016 he joined properly, and is now an integral part of the team and involved in every project. 

Paul Ingram
Andrew Booth
Head of Finance
Andrew Booth

Worked for Price Waterhouse post qualification before being in practice with Booth Ainsworth LLp the largest practice in South Manchester and acted as Managing Partner for many years. 

Past Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants District Training Board in Manchester.

Past Chairman of the Vernon Building Society.

Currently a governor of Stockport Grammar School.

Acting as Chairman of the Finance Committee .

Non–executive director of a large bakery company.

Andrews whole family is very environmentally conscious, with his son even running for the Green Party in the 2017 UK elections.

A keen sailor and golfer.

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