Battery Generation and Storage

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iPG Battery
iPG Battery
iPG Battery

Import, Export, Store Energy - all Instantly


Battery technology has developed massively over the past years, making it an ever more viable option. Being able to store excess power and supply power instantly is hugely beneficial in a number of ways.


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Grid Applications

Utilising battery storage on your site, gives access to instant power with the ability to both push and pull energy to and from the grid. This means you can earn revenue by making this asset available to the grid for frequency regulation and load balancing.


The grid has tens of thousands of instant and short calls for power, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, as they try and balance the power supply. These short duration calls are missed by standard generator power plants, but are easily met by using a battery system, which can easily accept instant calls. This opens up a whole new lucrative revenue stream.


Unlike generator plants, batteries raise no concerns about noise or emission restrictions which may be beneficial if your installation is near a residential area.


Our battery generation plants offer you the ability to help balance the grid. Catching the short and instant calls for power.


Company Applications

If you're a company that gets lumped with large energy bills at the end of each month, a battery storage system could be extremely useful. With our systems, you're able to charge the batteries during cheap electricity hours, and then use this stored energy to power your business, thus saving on your monthly bills.

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Renewable Energy Applications

If you have wind turbines or solar panels, a battery storage system working in conjunction with your existing assets would be very beneficial, allowing you to;

  • Store excess power produced.

  • Use this stored power to meet grid demand when your assets are producing below their normal output.

  • Maximise revenue from your grid agreement.

Dependable, Critical Power - When You Need It.