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  • Paul Ingram

COVID-19 is creating uncertainty in the UK energy sector, says research firm

This comes from the research firm, GlobalData, who released a new report looking at what impacts COVID-19 is and will have on the UK energy sector.

Due to lockdown and increased self-isolation, residential demand has increased while commercial and industrial sectors have reduced, creating energy demand pattern changes and therefore creating uncertainty in the energy sector.

However, the commercial and industrial sectors reduction has only been small so far, and according to the National Grid, is only expected to have a heavy drop if working from home continues for another couple of months.

The increased residential demand will not outweigh the loss of demand from the commercial and industrial sectors, so will therefore lead further drops in energy prices.

The main way our energy sector is vulnerable is if grid maintenance starts to suffer, due to staff becoming ill and self-isolating.

Furthermore, the UK energy will face issues if we're unable to avoid reductions in basic fuel supply.



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