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iPower Generation's Privacy Policy


  • iPG respects the privacy of individuals and takes the collection and holding of any and all personal data very seriously.

  • We only ever collect the minimum personal data necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

  • We never use any collected data for anything other than for its intended use, for maintaining contractual, pre-contractual and after-sales relationships. Any contact information we have would never be added to any general mailing list.

  • We are against spam, always!

  • We never sell, rent or distribute your data in any way for any reason.

  • Data held on you can be deleted upon request.

  • We hold this data for 7 years.


Personal data


Collected through this website


-  How we collect data


Like many, websites we use a 3rd party data processor, who show us our site interaction. This is possible from making use of cookies.


Filling out the contact form will also give us your email and any other personal data you choose to put into the details box. But we will only ever use this data to contact you back in relation to your enquiry.


The final way we receive your data on this site is if you comment on our blog/news posts. But again, any personal data we will not use in any other way, other than helping you with any enquiries or questions you have asked us.



What data we collect


Our 3rd party data processor measures our website traffic. They record, what device you are using (PC, tablet or phone), what OS you are on, what browser you have used, what pages you visited and at what time, as well as an approximate location. This data is held by our 3rd party data processors for only 365 days.


We have chosen to anonymize all our visitors' IP addresses. Meaning we can’t see your personal IP address, at any time.

None of this information personally identifies you to us.


To see our 3rd party data processor Privacy Policy please click here.



-  Why we collect this data


To simply see how many visitors we are getting, and which pages are being viewed. With this information, we aim to improve our website for our customers as well as reviewing its overall performance.

We do not collect this data in an attempt to build up a mail list.


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