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  • Paul Ingram

New Electric car for iPower Generation

We living what we're preaching, we've taken the plunge and gone to EV.

Hello Jaguar I-Pace!

We had a Hybrid Vehicle before, and while this offered great option of being able to be EV for short distances and then battery and engine for longer distances, we decided to go fully EV for our latest purchase.

This new car is in part due to our new cutting edge car charging system - See our EV charging for more information - but also to get on board with the future and current movement towards EV. What better way to understand a new type of car, then to actually get one!

Also watch out for updates on our even newer, even more cutting edge charging system we have in the works.

We plan to post more about our EV journey, as this in uncharted waters for us and many more like us.

We have yet to do any longer trip with it, so we can't talk much about overall range at this time. However, what we can say it, we got charging cards, and lots of them! Different companies and areas have different account and therefore different cards - Maybe Jaguar should start giving away card wallets with each new car??

Watch out for more EV posts and follow along our journey as we document our time with an electric vehicle.


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