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  • Paul Ingram

Range anxiety no more? Life with EV

We're close on having our EV for over 3 months now, and we're happy to report, range anxiety is a thing of the past!

Before we got the car, and in advance of any long trips, the idea of going past the cars range on one round trip was definitely an area of worry.

Even when the trip was less than the full range, the fears came from whether you would be charged and ready to go in time in the morning.

We had other worries like,

Will I get to a charger when I need one in time?

Will I be late for my meeting as I have to charge the car for 40mins?

Will I even be able to find a charger!?

Will people use the wrong plug at the charger, meaning mine will no longer reach...? (see bottom picture - good thing we could park sideways).

I'm sure these are thoughts and worries all EV owners have, and potential owners get put off by. But thankfully these fears and worries are no more.

Range anxiety is gone!

What we've actually discovered by having a EV for a long trip, isn't anxiety, but peace. Not just because it's quiet, but because you have to think ahead and possibly plan extra time for a recharge, or for the trip to take longer as you go slower to extend the range.

What this means is everything is less rushed. You're forced to make sure you leave early and to think about your route before leaving

You don't need to get stressed at other drivers in the way, or have to go quicker than you may like to make up time as you left late. You can just sit back and cruise.

Our Tesla vistor seen in the top picture, echoed the same thoughts.

Hell, you might even start to welcome average speed checks, extending that range... Well maybe that’s too far! But you get the point!


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