Off-Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Units

Keeping You In Charge


EV Power On Demand System. POD EV.

Avoids infrastructure issues and restrictions


Removes concerns about sufficient power supply


No expensive connection charges - if Grid connection is even available


Quick reacting to power needs


Low emissions 

Off-Grid, Flexible Vehicle Charging Solution.

Removing Barriers for Widespread Usage of EV's.

2017 compared to 2018, Plug-in Hybrids and fully Electric car sales experienced large growth, with sale rates increasing by 24.9% and 13.8%. Putting a higher level of energy demand on the UK's Power Grid.


While more Coal power stations are closing each year and new Nuclear plants are put on hold.


Clean renewable power growth is strong but is reliant on uncontrollable factors.


How can we help power the growth into further widespread usage of EV's? Through Off-Grid Charging

Clean, Reliable and Secure—Powering EV’s Future

Fully Integrated, Unique Energy Storage Solution

Ultra-Fast Response Times

Symmetrical Power

Maintain Grid Stability


Offers Revenue Opportunities Through Grid Balancing Services

Not Grid Reliant


Can Be Used In Remote Areas, Where Power is Restricted or Unavailable

Ensures Reliable, High-Quality Energy Supply

Designed for High Performance and Long Life


Challenges With National Grid Charging​

Solutions By Using Off-Grid EV POD

  • Insufficient Infrastructure in place


  • High Connection Costs


  • Grid Connection Not Available at Location


  • Concerns Around Grid Power Supply


  • Low Grid Flexibility


  • Wasted Energy Produced to Meet Any Sudden Demand Spikes


  • Number Of EV Chargers Limited By Power Supply Available


  • High Energy Cost at Peak Times


  • Potential Lack of Power during Peak Hours

  • Bypasses Infrastructure Restrictions


  • Connection Not required


  • Can Operate Fully Independently From the Grid


  • Provides Required Power


  • Creates High Flexibility


  • All Power Produced, Either Used or Stored - No Waste


  • No Limits of EV Chargers, System Expandable At Any Time


  • Costs Don't Change Throughout Day

  • Power Supply Known and  Consistent

Specialist Off-Grid EV Charging System For Large Vehicles


iPower Generation's EV charging system is more than just for everyday road cars. We also have a specialist system designed for larger vehicles, with more power demanding requirements in their charging. Such as HGV and Buses.

Truck and Warehouse
Coach Fleet

The EV+ POD is perfectly suited to meet the intense power requirements to fully and quickly charge vehicles with large battery capacity, and with no Grid capacity issues restricting the charging of fleets.


Same benefits as the EV POD, only made for a bigger world.


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