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  • Paul Ingram

Exciting New Off-Grid EV Charging System

iPower Generation are proud to offer a brand new product helping to remove barriers facing further and increased use of Electric vehicles (EV's).

A large barrier facing the public over committing to a EV is simply down to fears over an inability to charge, due to a lack of reliable and common charge points.

Our Off-Grid system makes creating your own EV charging stations an easier option than ever before. No need to spend a small fortune reinforcing local infrastructure, or have concerns whether the power supply from the Grid will be sufficient for your needs.

This system is a self-contained unit, utilising advanced battery technology, able to deliver power instantly. The system is also able to incorporate any renewable energy produced on site, take advantage of any under exploited CHP units, as well as helping to balance the Grid - reducing grid waste and aiding the further integration of clean renewable energy production.

iPower Generation EV charging

Through using our off-grid system, you create flexible, reactive and reliable charging ports, bypassing current infrastructure restrictions and Grid supply issues.

For more information on this product, checkout our EV charging page, or contact us to learn more.

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