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  • Paul Ingram

2019 Greenest Year for UK's Energy System, Will 2020 Beat it?

The upward trend of the growth of renewables in the UK energy system continues, with 2019 beating 2018, will 2020 see yet another record year?

A report by the Carbon Brief found in 2019; - Renewable energy including - solar, wind, hydro as well as biomass -production grew by 9% - Renewables outpaced fossil fuel energy on a new record of 137 days - Renewables were the UK’s largest electricity source in March, August, September, and December - 83 Coal free days! Up from 21 days in 2018 - Coal was only a mere 2.1% of our electricity. Compare this to 1990, where it was a massive 75% The National Grid also confirmed 2019 as a record-breaking year, with low-carbon electricity - which included power from renewables and nuclear - for the first time ever, making up over half the UK's energy. However, with the UK's rising need for electricity - for heating and transport, with a huge push for the UK towards further uptake of electric cars before in 2035 where petrol and diesel cars will eventually be banned - there still needs to be huge investment in low-carbon and clean energy generation in the UK's power networks. The growth over the past years has been promising, with 2019 being a fantastic year, but there's clearly a lot more work to be done. Especially if the UK is to meet its legally binding target to be net-zero emissions by 2050. #cleanenergy #ClimateChange #wind #solar #coalfree



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