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Welcome to iPower Generation 

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The landscape of our power networks is changing.


Coal power stations are being shut down each year and will all be closed in the UK by 2025, in June this year it was predicted that 2019 will be the first year where fossil fuels produce under half of all power produced in the UK, renewables are growing at an increasingly high amount and poised to become our main source of energy for the future.


There's been a rise of "Micro-Grid's" and "Behind the Metre", as power becomes more localised and people take control of their energy needs.


iPower Generation are primed and ready to help usher in the new era of Power Systems.


We have a range of products suited to those who wish to take control of their energy.

Become part of the power revolution.


Flexible, Efficient, Clean, Cost-Effective, Designed for the Future.


We provide advanced, modern and clean power systems designed for the future of our evolving and changing power networks.

Flexible Energy - Systems that are able to react near-seamlessly to instant, with abilities to both supply and store excess power to help balance the energy networks, and reduce unnecessary waste, therefore improving efficiency, are crucial for the future.


Micro-Grids - Are creating a drive towards more localised power, rather than major power stations inefficiently providing everyone's energy. Micro-Grids could involve energy sources such as, Solar and Wind, Battery Storage, supported by low carbon Gas Fuel Generators.


The more Micro-Grids and Flexible Energy assets there are, the more we support the growth of clean green energy technology and help the development and evolution of our power networks.

For a better, cleaner future.

Our Aim is simple - To Provide Environmentally Friendly Energy Solutions that don't cost the Earth
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Unit 13 Newby Road Industrial Estate,

Hazel Grove, Stockport

Tel: 0161 456 2733

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