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 Domestic Battery Energy Storage System

Smarter Energy, for you and your home



The World's first Serviceable,

Upgradeable and Scalable

Energy Storage System


LiFeP04 Batteries

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- Use with your solar - Charge your car - Power your home -

Give yourself greater energy indepenance and resilience

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Its time to rethink the battery


The OFFGEN is fitted with unique batteries that are fully serviceable and upgradeable.

The design completely removes the use of permanently bonded or fixed components useally found in a battery.

Where once you would be forced to have an ever degrading energy capability of your battery, bound to be thrown away,

now there is the OFFGEN.

Why create more waste, when you can repair.

Sizes: 5.6kWh, 8.4kWh, 11.2kWh


The Offgen by Aceleron is a compact energy storage system designed for off-grid or grid-tied residential use. While most systemsrequire additional wall-mounted components for their installation, the Offgen packs all of this in a single electrical grade cabinet (lithium-ion batteries, hybrid inverter and switch gear). This allows you to use your own PV-generated electricity or use low-tariff grid energy.

The Offgen gives you the freedom to live fully off-grid with clean energy or the flexibility to access low-tariff electricity to save money on your utility bill. Its modular design provides energy upgradable energy storage up to 11kWh.

Installed In or Out

Safe to be installed inside or outside. The units' design can withstand the UK weather!

All-in-one Solution

Everything you need is in the box. No need for additional wall-mounted clutter!

Store Solar Energy

Save your clean energy for when you need it. Reduce wasted opportunities

Please Contact Us, If You Would Like to Discuss this Exciting New Product Further

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