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 Commercial Battery Energy Storage System

Micro-Grid System

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 Complete Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

All neatly contained and ready to go!

Ideal for Commercial and Industrial applications

Use with your solar, generator, or in conjunction with the mains power supply

LiFePo4 Batteries

(The best and safest battery chemistry on the market)

Proud to Supply Symtech Solar BESS Products

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iPower are the Official Distributors and Partners for the UK, Eire & Channel Islands

- Micro Grid - Instant Back up Power - Peak Shaving -

Give yourself greater energy indepenance and resilience

Each BESS includes;


  • Battery Racks and Wiring

  • BESS Controller with Battery Management System

  • High Voltage Units

  • Power Conversion System (PCS) (DC/AC)

  • PV Inverter (DC/DC)

  • Transformer

  • STS (static transfer switch)

  • Storage Container

  • HVAC System

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Installation Manuals, Certificates, Usage Guide, etc


Unit Sizes: 50kW to 1000kW

Battery Management System

Our battery energy storage systems, incorporate a battery management system which is comprised of a 3-layer architecture composed of a BMU, CMU and GPC.  The BMS has functions such as high-precision analog signal detection and reporting, fault alarm, uploading and storage, battery protection, parameter setting, Active balancing, battery SOC calibration, and information interaction with other devices.

Main features of the battery management system:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of battery operating status, including voltage, current and temperature, etc.

  • High voltage detection accuracy on battery cell: ±5mV, ensuring system data analysis reliability

  • Multi-point temperature monitoring to avoid battery thermal runaway and ensure system safety

  • Active balancing to effectively extend battery life

  • Complete and reliable battery system protection

System Monitoring

Our cloud based monitoring system works with real-time data

Charge your EV

Charge your EV without being relient on the grid to supply you with sufficient power

Store Solar Energy

Maximise your solar energy production. Reduce wasted opportunities

Please Contact Us, If You Would Like to Discuss our BESS Products

Site Services Battery Energy Systems

Clean, Low Noise Site Power

Our site-specific BESS efficiently stores energy to be used later, saving fuel, reducing emissions, reducing noise, and lowering your site costs.

All sites need power. This is normally met inefficiently by an oversized and noisy diesel generator. Costing you more in hire costs, fuel costs, and opening you up to noise complaints.

This is where our site-specific BESS comes in.

Our BESS on your site can mean you don't have to oversize your generator to meet any short-term power need peaks. The BESS can instantly meet these.

You can also now more efficently load your generator by using any spare capicity to charge the batteries. This then allows you to run over night fully using the Battery System. Removing all night time noise and having to run a large generator with minimal load.

On top of that, it reduces your site polluting emissions.


Better fuel economy

No need to spend more to oversize your generator

Create less harmful emissions such as, carbon dioxide, Nitrous Oxides, and Particulate Matter

Reduce site noise.

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