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As the UK continues with Corona Virus lockdown, are power cuts next?

Is our energy supply next to be affected by the UK's with Corona Virus Lockdown?

UK energy firms warn that there could be blackouts on the way, as they prepare for potential staff shortages. They've already suspended all non-essential work as part of the preparation of engineers being unable to work, whether due to illness or self-isolation.

Households nationwide have been advised to keep torches, mobile phone power banks and warm clothes nearby and ready in the case of widespread power cuts.

UK Power Networks, which operate in the South East, East England and London, have already sent a letter to their customers with advice

on how to stay warm if power outages do start happening. This letter, which was seen by the Daily Telegraph, was sent to homes on their vulnerable register, such as pensioners, people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

UK Power Networks have also stated their priorities of keeping the power on with all necessary repairs going ahead, as well as the safety of their staff and customers during this time.

One positive for energy usage and helping the power systems reliability during this time was made by Nicola Shaw, UK executive director for National Grid. She pointed out that demand across the country is expected to fall. This is largely due to a decreased level of power use from large industrial consumers, which should outweigh the new and increased domestic power demand as more people stay inside their homes.

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