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  • Paul Ingram

Sunday Power Cut Causing Chaos for Manchester Airport

Flights faced long delays or cancelled Sunday and Monday, after the airport was hit with a power cut, affecting refueling.

Image by nickyhardinguk from Pixabay

On Sunday alone, there were 87 flights cancelled. Some of which people complained they waited for hours, only to be told the flight was now cancelled. Other ended up having to sit on a grounded aircraft for 2 to 3 hours.

It is said to be all sorted now, and flights running as normal, but it is advised that customers check the status your flight.

Travelers took to social media to express their annoyance over the situation. Describing it as, "absolute carnage", "chaos" and a "total shambles".

How much has this power cut cost the airlines? As well as the airport, financially and with its reputation.

Backup power system can often be over looked, but the disruption power cuts cause is only too real, and so easily avoidable.

If you're interesting in backup power, speak to our partners, Ingram Installations, who have been dealing with emergency standby power since 1972!

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