Store POD

Dynamic Active Storage System

Optimise Your Power Generation

Active response storage solution


Ability to fully utilise existing energy assets. e.g. CHP and renewables


Improves your power use efficiency


Instant power delivery and storage


Helps users become less grid reliant

Aides financial payback and profits

Off-Grid, Flexible, Instant Power Solution

Maximise Your Onsite Power Generation

Renewable energy is the future of our power supply. More coal power plants are closing and investment into clean technology is ever-growing.


However, clean renewables are still reliant on nature, an uncontrollable factor. Often producing too much at certain times, and not enough at other times.


Our Store POD helps this issue. Store excess power production to be used later, which would normally be wasted.


Therefore, maximising your production and possible Power Grid connection, giving you the total financial return that you could or should be getting

Sizes From 200kW to 2MW

Power On Demand - Store

The Store POD works in conjunction with your on-site generation, whether it be renewable energy or CHP for example. The advanced battery technology and intelligent control panel, seamlessly and effortlessly help optimise your generation, by storing excess power produced to be used at a later time, rather than it being wasted.


For example, during a sunny day your solar PV panels will likely be producing more than your power Grid connection will take, plus more than the power Grid may need at that time. With the Store POD, you can now save this energy to be used via your existing connection later in the day when power is needed and solar is no longer producing any or a lower level of energy.


There are also large benefits for CHP systems too, as CHP's work most efficiently when being worked on high load. If you've ever heard anyone complain that their CHP wasn't working correctly, there's a high likelihood it was simply oversized and therefore not creating enough heat. With the Store POD, you can always make sure the CHP is being fully used, by storing extra power to be used later, but in the process fully working your CHP system, thus creating the heat needed.


Lower waste - Higher efficiency

Financial Benefits

Improve your financial returns. Increase your ROI

Power Management

Make the most of power generated - Reduce waste

Manage Renewable Intermittency

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