UPS Systems

- Uninterruptible Power Supply -

Instant Power Protection from Energy Supply Disruptions

iPG UPS. Small Range
iPG UPS. Data centre

Our high standard of UPS technology, which exceed global efficiency standards, gives you dependable and affordable Critical Power Protection.

A UPS system protects your power supply, by providing instantaneous response to any mains power disruptions, such as power cuts, brown-outs and as well as power surges.


Meaning you don't experience any interruptions with your power supply, so you and your business can carry on as if nothing happened.


Plus, protecting expensive electrical equipment that can be easily damaged by surges or a sudden loss of power. Not to forget of course, any valuable work or working time that will be lost.


Businesses are becoming ever more reliant on crucial IT and computer systems.

Why leave them and yourself so vulnerable?


Supply, Installation and Maintenance of UPS systems, all in one place with iPower Generation.


Don't hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your UPS needs.

In 2015, there were 640 instances of power outages. A figure that constantly increases year on year.

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We offer a wide range of UPS systems, for various applications. You can see below the sectors we are able to supply for.

Pairing your UPS with a generator will give you Complete Power Protection.

Being able to react to instant power failures, as well as prolonged outages.

Healthcare Sector


It is vital for medical centres, such as, hospitals, clinics and operating theatres, to always have a constant supply of power. Any outages can mean life or death.


The increasing amount and reliance of technology and electrical medical equipment has only further pushed the need for high quality and reliable UPS systems.


Our UPS systems maximize the reliability, safety and performance of sensitive medical equipment by protecting against common power problems that cause costly downtime, equipment damage and data loss.


It is critical for healthcare intuitions to protect their power supply with a UPS system


Data Centre


It is an absolute necessity to protect the power supply to a data centre. It is key to be able to supply their services continuously. Even a short down time can have large impacts and consequences.


Mission-critical computers and IT systems will go down, causing costly downtime and negative effects of business.


Which is why a UPS system should be a fundamental part of any data centre. The importance of proper and regular maintenance shouldn't be overlooked either. 


iPower Generation provides cost-effective, highly reliable, uninterrupted power to ensure mission-critical operations continue to process and export data.


Business and Industry


Modern business and industry require power. There's no getting away from it. If you lose power, you lose the ability to perform your business.


As the old saying goes, times equals money. And in this case, it will be lost time due to power outages, costing you and your business money.


Businesses have become increasingly reliant on electrical products and systems, such as - computers, communications, lights, manufacturing processes, all of them need power.


For commercial customers, any downtime or unstable voltage can cause production interruptions and failures, it could even result in the whole facility being shut down, which would have very large financial impacts.


 Protect your business with a UPS from iPower.


Transport Sector


iPower offers a comprehensive range of railway solutions that have a high level of resilience and reliability under all environmental conditions and high levels of compatibility with stringent mechanical standards (vibrations, structural resistance).


Our transformer-less and transformer based products with adaptability to different power sources (single-phase, three-phase, with or without neutral)


Emergency Applications


In emergency situations it is essential to ensure that safety equipment, emergency lighting for instance, has a dependable and constant supply of power.


This is especially important in places with large amounts of people, for example, stadiums, airports, shopping centres and public buildings. 


Our Emergency UPS systems are suitable for essential safety equipment such as the following;

  • Emergency safety lighting

  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems

  • Smoke extraction equipment

  • Alarm units and emergency detection systems

  • Carbon monoxide detection systems

  • Specific safety systems in sensitive high risk areas.


Home and Small Business


Power interruptions are more than just an inconvenience.


More of our daily lives and business duties, revolve around electrical equipment. A UPS would give you secure power for, computers, networks, routers/modems, lights, security systems, game consoles, storage devices and other critical electronics in your home or small office.


We have a complete range of smaller UPS systems to suit your power needs. Which not only give you instant power protection, but importantly also guard against surges and damaging frequency variations.


Correctly sizing your UPS as well as understanding how long you will want the UPS to cover your energy needs is crucial. Please contact us with your requirements and we'll make sure its right for your needs.