Our 'Power On Demand' (POD) range are all intelligent, instant and efficient power systems. Each of the below have their speciality, but all are variations of, Battery, Generator and clever control systems. See below to find out which POD is best for you. 

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Power On Demand EV is a completely Off-Grid electric car charging system. Thus removing infrastructure issues that limit increased EV use.

Power On Demand Combo has all its components - Generator, Battery and control system - all nicely contained within one unit. Creating a neat and tidy Plug and Play system.

​Power On Demand Store is ideal for those wanting to optimise their on-site generation. Perfectly suited to be used in conjunction with renewable generation or CHP, with the system being able to store any excess power produced and used at a time when required. 

Power On Demand Grid is designed with the valued and profitable ability to help balance the National Power Grid. The system is able to instantly react to a Grid Deficit or Surplus, capable to accept excess power from the Grid and supply power to fill a shortage. 

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Power On Demand is an exciting new range, if you're unsure on which POD system would suit your needs, don't hestate to get in Contact With Us

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We represent the Green Power Generation division of the group, with our Clean, Low Carbon, and efficient generators and power systems. With our specialities in flexible instant response, energy storage and generation products, as well as our Off-Grid Electric Car Charging.

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