• Paul Ingram

“New Nuclear power plants may not keep Britain's lights on” The Guardian 16/09/17.

There are strong concerns over the ability of the new nuclear power plants being planned to meet the growing energy needs of the UK. Factor in too, the high cost and the apparent risk of them not be completed on time.

Hinkley Point C. Photograph. Stefan Wermuth+Reuters.

Photograph: Hinkley Point C. Photograph. Stefan Wermuth+Reuters.

The article also explains backing an acceleration of renewable energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and greater flexibility of the energy system through storage. Something we are offering through our battery storage sites, as well as our innovative Hybrid units.

Ed Davey, former energy minister, “It’s a recalibration off the back of the fact nuclear is not proving to be a practical, affordable technology. It’s not saying never [to nuclear], but the costs are coming down fast with renewables.”

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Read full article by Adam Vaughan and Jessica Elgot: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/16/nuclear-power-plants-lib-dems-vince-cable-wind-energy

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