Grid POD

Intelligent and Flexible Grid Balancing System

Grid Balancing Made Easy

Grid Balancing—Able to take excess power off the Power Network, just as easily as it can feed energy back onto it

Instant power delivery and acceptance

Low noise and emissions

This innovative system is able to supply for the shortest calls for power, which standard slower systems miss

No recovery time required between calls

Flexible, Instant Power Solution, Able to Supply all Grid Calls

Open Up a Whole New Revenue Stream

The National Power Grid is in a constant fight to keep itself within the small range of above 49.7 hertz and below 50.3 hertz. Going outside this range, even for a second, can have large consequences.


The Grid needs to "dump" power if the hertz range goes to high, wasting power. Or, needs more power quickly if the hertz range goes too low.


Our flexible and intelligent system helps those issues. Able to both take off any excess power to be stored and reused at a later date - Reducing preventable waste - As well as being able to supply more power instantly to the Grid.


Providing this imperative service to the Power Grid comes with handsome financial rewards.

Sizes From 350kW up to 2MW

Scalable above 2MW

Power On Demand - Grid

When it comes to Grid balancing, there are different types of calls for power. They can be in advance when it's known there will be an upcoming shortage, or some are instant calls for needed power. There are in fact tens of thousands of instant and short calls for power each year.


These instant calls may only last for a short time or may continue on for hours. Standard battery systems can react to these, but unable to continue for long periods. Generator sites are able to run for long periods, but unable to respond quickly enough for the instant calls. The Beauty of the Grid POD is that it's able to do it all!


Which opens up all the possible revenue streams, instead of being locked into only certain ones.


Instant reacting and long-run ability.


Of course, the other major benefit for your revenue and for the Power Network is the Grid POD's ability to also store excess power, to be later used, helping to minimise energy waste.


As we move away from large coal power stations and towards further smaller renewable sources for energy, Grid balancing services using Flexible energy storage is rightly seen to be a vital element of our future power systems. With both Ofgem and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) describing flexibility as ‘crucial’ to the evolution of energy networks. The Grid POD helps support the increased use of more cleaner power production and the future of our energy.

Large Financial Incentives

Paid for both supplying power and storing excess power

Support an Evolving Power Network

Assist in the growth of clean energy

Store and Supply

System able to both instantly store and supply power

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