Combo POD

Off-Grid Dynamic Response System

Instant Power No Fuss

Plug and play system


Quick and easy install


Everything neatly contained within the one Unit


Instant power delivery


Improves your power use efficiency


Can be used to go Off-Grid, as well as providing essential emergency standby

Off-Grid, Flexible, Instant Power Solution

Little Stress, Lots of Power Protection

The demand for power is rising, while we also push to reduce emissions and become carbon zero.


However, this may see a potentially less reliable and more expensive National Power Network.


With the Combo POD, you're able to go Off-Grid and create your own source of reliable power.


Micro-grids are becoming ever more popular for this reason.

Join the power revolution

Sizes: 30kW, 100kW, 250kW, 500kW

Power On Demand - Combo

With the Combo POD's clever design, it means that it has, state of the art batteries, high quality and efficient generator, and complex control systems is all neatly contained within one unit, allowing for easy and quick installation, without taking up too much room.


The system is able to supply power to your business or industrial property, instantly, whenever needed. This can be used to go Off-Grid, either for meeting new levels of power demand, or even taking demand off your mains supply during prime times to cut energy bills. The instant response of the unit also lends itself perfectly as a standby set, in case of an emergency.

Reduce Energy Costs

Avoid or shave your peak energy consumption from the Grid

Power Management

Take control of your energy.


Complete Scalability to customers' requirements

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