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Dual fuel is where gas substitutes a major percentage of the fuelling process. This can be any form of gas—natural gas, biogas, well gas, landfill gas, propane gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) liquid natural gas (LNG) etc.


Gas is typically introduced to the engine’s air intake manifold via various possible methods with quality solutions controlling the gas in a precise way The engine is also strictly monitored continuously to ensure the optimal combination is achieved at all times

Dual -fuel kit Technical Specification

The dual fuel solution is a fully automatic (modulating/dynamic) type and fitted with a gas throttle actuator, the dual fuel solution increases and decreases the gas amount dynamically across the engine/generator

loading range and site load fluctuations automatically without any manual or regular adjustment from the operator in order to maximize the gas usage safely.

Why use Dual Fuel

It saves you money, as running costs are vastly reduced - due to gas being cheaper than diesel.


Second, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint. As with less diesel being used, there is a reduction of harmful emissions output. Emissions such as CO2, PM and NOx.


There are maintenance savings too – longer oil life and increased periods between de-carbonization of engine parts.


Further benefits Include, that there is no de-rating of engine power output or performance – ideal for transient loads

In addition, the generator can still run on 100% Diesel at any time. Giving you full Fuel Flexibility.

Dual Fuel reduces your carbon footprint and your energy costs