DRM System

 Demand Response Module


- Unique and Innovative Solution for Energy Storage -


DRM container.png

Fully Integrated, Unique Energy Storage Solution


Offering Ultra-Fast Response Times


Able to Push or Pull Power Instantly 


Helping to Maintain Grid Stability


Ensures Reliable, High-Quality Energy Supply 


Giving High efficiency - up to 99%.

Field Proven Technology

Designed for High Performance and Long Life


The DRM system is a fully integrated, unique energy storage solution for medium and high voltage grid connection. A solution that delivers clean, reliable and secure power to a large range of customers. As well as creating financial saving and benefits. 


This system supports a number of applications that offer businesses and energy providers greater control, reliability and efficiency. See below for more information.

Key Features

  • Ultra high efficiency

  • High performance in any climate

  • Modular, flexible and scalable - Able to increase at any point if power demands grow

  • Smart Energy Management

  • Carbon exchange compliant

  • Available in a range of fuel types

  • Requires less space than standard battery storage systems

  • Meets specification criteria by Grid operators

  • Multigrid support functions (Peak shaving,
    frequency and voltage stabilization, load leveling, etc)



Grid Balancing Services

The DRM system is specially designed to offer the National Grid network a perfect energy source to help frequency balancing. Through importing and exporting power instantly. With the system being able to take excess power off the network, when there is a drop in demand relative to supply, and then able to put power back on the network when demand increases over what is being supplied. 


Having the capacity and ability to do this not only helps the power network as a whole, but also helps make unreliable renewable energy, such as solar and wind, more useable, due to the DRM system being there as support for when these sources see a drop in output.


Offering this service to the Power Grid creates large financial rewards.


The DRM system to create a localized grid that doesn’t need to be connected to the main power grid and can operate


This is a perfect option for a few types of users. High energy users which want to reduce their energy bills, can use this technology for Peak Lopping or Load Leveling. These take advantage of the DRM when energy costs are high and utilize the Grid when costs are low.  


Electric Vehicle charging also benefits from this, with the ability to offer various and reliable car charging, avoiding major infrastructure issues that come with Grid powered charging.

To Learn more about this, see our EV charging system page.

Emergency Backup

Provide backup power to your business in the event of a power interruption. With the DRM system, you will have clean, reliable and uninterrupted power, which will react instantly to any power outages.


These complete units eliminate the need for multiple backup systems, such as a Genset and a UPS. The DRM does it all neatly contained in one unit. 

Clean, Dependable, Critical Power - When You Need It.