- Combined Heat and Power -



CHP is a small Power Station, but more than twice as efficient.

The engine waste heat created through the electricity production, which is normally just rejected to the atmosphere, by using heat exchangers it is now transferred to the building’s heating or hot water system.

A CHP unit is perfect for customers who use a lot of hot water, for example, hotels, gyms and hospitals.

The United States power supply, which is similar to the UK’s, rely heavily on fossil-fuelled power plants, which on average have an efficiency of just 33%. This means that two-thirds of the energy used to produce electricity at most power plants is wasted in the form of heat discharged to the atmosphere.

We offer NG, LPG and LNG, powered CHP units.

CHP operators typically save around 20% on energy bills and 30% on carbon emissions.

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (2013)

The diagram below shows the workings of a standard CHP unit

Benefits of CHP

  • CHP is highly efficient compared to electricity from the grid and provides a separate heat source (>80%)

  • Reduces customers carbon footprint, with lower CO2 and NOx emissions

  • Large Energy savings can be achieved, saving money year after year

  • It helps to meet energy efficiency requirements. (Part L Building Regs)

  • Can deliver LTHW (Low-Temperature Hot Water), MTHW (Medium Temperature Hot Water) and Steam (on large applications) making it ideal for commercial applications

  • Larger CHP installations can Generate revenue for your customers, though Grid export aggregation.

  •  It can also be used for cooling through our Tri-Generation system

  • Commercial businesses (e.g. a Hotel, offices etc) can supplement power by providing electricity for vehicle changing without the expense of enforcing their electrical infrastructure.

  • Can be used in conjunction with battery storage for extra efficiency


We can package your CHP unit together with a complete turnkey installation. Making your life easier

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